Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Books I am reading to gear up to trip:
1) Wild Grass (by Ian Johnson); really upsetting political work by a journalist for the Wall Street Journal amoung others. Not a positive lead giving me anxiety.

2) River at the Centre of the World (by Simon Winchester, who wrote the Professor and the Madman); Much more soothing read. Really knows his facts. First person account with historical background and geological insights (as this was his training/career prior) of the climb up the Yangtze from the mouth of the river near Shanghai all the way to Tibet.

3) Rivertown (by Peter Hessler); acclaimed as the best (I taught for a year - actually two- in China accounts), though I can't corroborate because Chris (Mr. Duncan) has not released it back to me yet after claiming it was purchased for me!

4) Rough Guide to China ; Everything from bug bites to billboards, but it is making me crave pictures!!!

If anyone knows a good remedy for acute diarrhea-causing water-born bacteria...NOW IS THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR WEALTH!!!

Cheers (to distilled water and beers)
(pre-flight, pre-China = still easily humoured and still married)

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