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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Marathon with MOM (1/2 marathon) on mother's day.
Us rounding on the finish line! Doesn't she look great?
The show is being broadcast July 17th in the morning on TSN or some sports station...
Perhaps we will make it on-screen as the Mother-daughter duo! Though I'm sure the guys who wipped past us and came in first through third are WAY more interesting.
Apparentlt while I've been nursing my injury my mother has been continuing her 15 to 30 km runs back in Ontario, putting shame to her 30 year-old daughter...go on...guess her age.
You'll be wrong I guarantee it!
Happy birthday mom,
Books I am reading to gear up to trip:
1) Wild Grass (by Ian Johnson); really upsetting political work by a journalist for the Wall Street Journal amoung others. Not a positive lead giving me anxiety.

2) River at the Centre of the World (by Simon Winchester, who wrote the Professor and the Madman); Much more soothing read. Really knows his facts. First person account with historical background and geological insights (as this was his training/career prior) of the climb up the Yangtze from the mouth of the river near Shanghai all the way to Tibet.

3) Rivertown (by Peter Hessler); acclaimed as the best (I taught for a year - actually two- in China accounts), though I can't corroborate because Chris (Mr. Duncan) has not released it back to me yet after claiming it was purchased for me!

4) Rough Guide to China ; Everything from bug bites to billboards, but it is making me crave pictures!!!

If anyone knows a good remedy for acute diarrhea-causing water-born bacteria...NOW IS THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR WEALTH!!!

Cheers (to distilled water and beers)
(pre-flight, pre-China = still easily humoured and still married)