Monday, August 21, 2006

Inner Mongolia, was cold, wet and sleepless...but we made it...and cheers to that! I broke my glasses, (hence why they are missing) got a migraine, vomitted and hit my head. I'm only surprised the horse didn't kick me off too!!!
Pics are of me, Sofia and Holly, the Datong grottoes in Shanxi province (get a map of China), the Inner Mongolia grasslands and me on a horse, the Mongolian campground, horse show and wrestling show and evening entertainment (Brian and Holly in pics - Americanos), with Mongolian hot pot as our last dinner in datong ( Annalie of the German contingent, the Italian contingent, Brian and Holly of the American contingent, the Japanese contingent, and finally the "hard-sleeper" beds on the train ride with the French and Italian contingents present. The pictures might be in a weird order...I'm still figuring this thing out. (Yes, I'm the only Canadian I know of so far) .