Monday, August 28, 2006

Tiananmen square. The Forbidden city (photos of the inside to come, but it was mostly under construction, so it was kinda sucky!)

View from our Hotel street on a bridge in Beijing. Big streets are pretty much the norm here. This may be a ring road, which are the biggest next to highways. Beijing is so bloody big that you can fit Montreal and Toronto in it more than twenty times. It dwarfs New York and that's no understatement!!! Chris and I ate at the Beijing Holiday Inn where we spent the last day of our "Honeymoon". I think we will be taking another REAL honeymoon where we don't have to run around to embassies and government agencies for documents and to travels agents changing flights, and where we don't have to spend much of it on a toilet seat or any of it in a tent with lightning, thunder, rain, and freaky cows that don't moo like our cows but instead cry in an beastly echo that scares the shit out of you - literally! See the link above for all pictures at once. Password is June 3 2006 (it is case sensitive - so June with a capital J, use spaces between June and 3 and 2006).

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