Saturday, August 12, 2006

Monasteries at Shigatse and Zedang. With pictures of the inside of a previous monastery (Ganden) where we were allowed to take pictures. One is a typical prayer hall and the other is an example of the staues that are given offerings by pilgrims, images of the Buddha, other gods and goddesses and King Songtsen Gampo the first king to unify the country and make Buddhism a state religion. He had a nepalese wife and Chinese wife, who was Bhuddist...she wore the pants. The Buddhists sitting on the floor with what looks like play-do are actually making yak butter (oh how I was sick of the smell by the end) statues for their celebration the following day. We got to climb a mountain that day and watched Losantsering (our guide) hang a prayer flag along with the other pilgrims. Each flag had the name of a loved on on it. It is traditional that Biddhists climb as high as they can that day to hang a flag. Though the asian tourists with their high heels did not inspire my respect at all.